Class Code:  2078-21                                       Date Established:  10-19-94           


Occupational Code:  7-7-1                               Date of Last Revision:  12-28-01


BASIC PURPOSE:  To assess psycho-social information and provide clinical programmed treatment to individuals involved in various state agency settings.




        Provides individual, family and behavioral therapy utilizing the application of a number of specific therapeutic techniques.


        Plans, designs, selects, and implements clinical treatment intervention for specified problems in order to aid in the rehabilitation of clients.


        Coordinates clinical treatment planning with other professionals and community agencies.


        Attends professional meetings, seminars and workshops to discuss and improve professional clinical skills.


        Trains support staff in use of clinical procedures and therapeutic techniques and may also provide limited supervision for interns, volunteers and peer counselors.


        Prepares clinical evaluations and reports for both its own department and for outside agencies to assess treatment progress and needs.





Skill:  Requires skill in developing formats and procedures for special applications OR in investigating and reviewing the use of equipment and data for a specialized function.


Knowledge:  Requires logical or scientific expertise to resolve problems of a specialized or professional nature in a wide range of applications.


Impact:  Requires responsibility for contributing to immediate, ongoing agency objectives by facilitating the direct provision of services to the public or other state agencies.  Errors at this level result in inaccurate reports or invalid test results and require significant investment of time and resources to detect.


Supervision:  Requires partial supervision of other employees doing work which is related or similar to the supervisor, including assigning job duties, providing training, giving instructions and checking work.


Working Conditions:  Requires performing regular job functions in a controlled environment with minimal exposure to disagreeable job elements and little risk of hazard to physical or mental health.


Physical Demands:  Requires light work, including continuous walking or operating simple equipment for extended periods of time as well as occasional strenuous activities such as reaching or bending.



Communication:  Requires summarizing data, preparing reports and making recommendations based on findings which contribute to solving problems and achieving work objectives.  This level also requires presenting information for use by administrative-level managers in making decisions.


Complexity:  Requires coordinating a combination of diverse job functions in order to integrate professional and technical agency goals.  This level also requires considerable judgment to implement a sequence of operations or actions.


Independent Action:  Requires objective assessment in analyzing and developing new work methods and procedures subject to periodic review and in making decisions according to established technical, professional or administrative standards.




Education:  Master's degree from a recognized college or university with a major study in psychology or counseling or in a related field with a concentration in psychology or counseling.


Experience:  Two years' professional post master's experience in the field of mental health counseling.


License/Certification:  None required.


RECOMMENDED WORK TRAITS:  Thorough knowledge of the principles and practices of mental health counseling.  Considerable knowledge of individual and group behavior.  Thorough knowledge of federal and state laws and regulations affecting mental health areas.  Knowledge of rights of privacy and laws of confidentiality of client information.  Knowledge of mental illnesses and handicaps and their social implications.  Ability to secure and maintain the cooperation of psychiatrists, psychologists and other related professionals.  Ability to prepare written reports.  Must be willing to maintain appearance appropriate to assigned duties and responsibilities as determined by the agency appointing authority.


DISCLAIMER STATEMENT:  This class specification is descriptive of general duties and is not intended to list every specific function of this class title.


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