Class Code: 7750-22 Date Established: 08-11-67


Occupational Code: 7-5-7 Date of Last Revision: 09-25-03


BASIC PURPOSE: To negotiate for the purchase of real property for the Department of Transportation and other state agencies and to provide technical guidance and relocation assistance in accordance with the Federal Uniform Relocation Act and State laws for all displacees and items affected by public improvement projects.




       Reviews and prepares plans and cross sections and analyzes complicated appraisals for the purpose of explaining the project and negotiating with owners for all types of property acquisitions.


       Prepares and secures all deeds and legal documents needed for fee purchase or easements and other legal instruments necessary to acquire title to real estate. Prepares record plans, official diary and correspondence for permanent Right -Of-Way records.


       Arranges for and attends public hearings to hear testimony and to explain all relocation benefits and the acquisition process.


       Writes general specifications for the relocation of signs, wells, septic systems and other items of improvement.


      Obtains data from real estate brokers, contractors, attorneys, financial institutions, and displacees concerning replacement property and associated financing.


       Prepares detailed conceptual studies to be used in more complex environmental impact statements and environmental assessments.


       Verifies, monitors, and establishes eligibility for replacement housing payments, rent subsidies, fixed business payments, actual moving and re-establishment payments, increased interest payments, and incidental payments and benefits as allowed by applicable laws and regulations.


       Provides interpretation and guidance to displacees, real estate brokers, contractors, attorneys, financial institutions, local officials, and other agencies regarding relocation assistance.


       Inspects replacement properties to determine their suitability for meeting the standard of decent, safe, and sanitary in accordance with the Federal Uniform Relocation Act.


       Appears as a witness before semi-judicial bodies for the Department of Transportation and other Public Agencies regarding appeals of more complex relocation assistance payments and eminent domain proceedings.





Skill: Requires skill in analyzing and interpreting data, policy, and procedures OR in using equipment in order to arrive at logical conclusions or recommendations.


Knowledge: Requires logical or scientific understanding to analyze problems of a specialized or professional nature in a particular field.





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Impact: Requires responsibility for achieving direct service objectives by assessing agency service needs and making preliminary recommendations for the development of alternative short-term program policies or procedures. Errors at this level result in incomplete assessments or misleading recommendations causing a disruption of agency programs or policies.


Supervision: Requires partial supervision of other employees doing work which is related or similar to the supervisor, including assigning job duties, providing training, giving instructions and checking work.


Working Conditions: Requires performing regular job functions in an environment which includes exposure to continuous physical elements or a number of disagreeable working conditions with frequent exposure to minor injuries or health hazards.


Physical Demands: Requires light work, including continuous walking or operating simple equipment for extended periods of time as well as occasional strenuous activities such as reaching or bending.


Communication: Requires summarizing data, preparing reports, and making recommendations based on findings which contribute to solving problems and achieving work objectives. This level also requires presenting information for use by administrative-level managers in making decisions.


Complexity: Requires coordinating a combination of diverse job functions in order to integrate professional and technical agency goals. This level also requires considerable judgment to implement a sequence of operations or actions.


Independent Action: Requires objective assessment in analyzing and developing new work methods and procedures subject to periodic review and in making decisions according to established technical, professional or administrative standards.




Education: Bachelor's degree from a recognized college or university.


Experience: Four years experience in real estate sales, land acquisition, business, negotiation or rural and urban property relocation, or at the Engineering Technician IV level, two years of which shall be at the level of the Right-Of-Way Agent II level or previous classification entitled Right-Of-Way Relocation Advisor I level. Each additional year of approved work experience may be substituted for one year of required formal education.


License/Certification: Valid New Hampshire driver's license. By end of probationary period Notary Public or Justice of the Peace license.



RECOMMENDED WORK TRAITS: Thorough knowledge of real estate title and evaluation work. Knowledge of relocation practices and principles for both displaced persons and businesses. Working knowledge of highway and home construction practices necessary to accomplish relocation assignments. Knowledge of land and property appraisal. Ability to understand legal document language. Ability to read blueprints and plans. Ability to meet with and negotiate relocation directives with impacted persons, including business representatives or owners. Ability to maintain, process and prepare activity reports. Ability to organize and prioritize multiple assignments to meet required deadlines. Ability to establish and maintain effective and professional working relationships with associates, professional contacts and the general public. Must be wiling to maintain appearance appropriate to assigned duties and responsibilities as determined by the agency appointing authority.


DISCLAIMER STATEMENT: This class specification is descriptive of general duties and is not intended to list every specific function of this class title.

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