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Wanted to rent in Concord, New Hampshire commencing in the spring of 2015, approximately 21,000 – 26,000 square feet of space for use by the State of New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) to provide a District Office.  All interested parties must offer the option of either a 5 or a 10-year lease term.  The space and surrounding site offered must be renovated to meet State’s programmatic needs and specifications, which include but are not limited to the following:  

1)     Space: Provide approximately 21,000 – 26,000 square feet of space renovated to the Tenant’s specifications provided in “turn key” condition.  The amount of space required will vary contingent upon the layout of the proposed structure.   

2)     Landlord’s lease rate: All proposals must offer full “gross” lease rates, this “gross” lease must include all utilities (heat, electricity, air conditioning, water and sewer), real estate taxes, insurance, building, and site maintenance services within the proposed annual rent.  The proposed schedule of annual rent must be inclusive of all fit up costs.  Further favorable consideration will be given to proposals that also include provision of janitorial and recycling services.  

3)     Location:  Proposals that offer office space located in existing buildings shall be shown favorable preference during the Request For Proposal (RFP) review process.  This favorable preference is required by RSA 9B, the State of New Hampshire’s “Smart Growth” initiative.  

4)     Architecturally barrier-free access:  All interior and exterior areas of the proposed facility, parking lot, and site, inclusive of the sidewalks and pathways leading to the proposed Premises, must comply with or be renovated to comply with all current codes and regulations regarding provision of architectural barrier-free access.  These codes include but are not limited to: the Code for Barrier-Free Design for the State of New Hampshire Abfd 300 (the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design; ADA Std. citations), and the State Building Code (IBC-2009, IEBC-2009; ICC/ANSI A117.1-2003).   

5)     Permits and Testing: The responsibility and costs of any permits and testing associated with the fit up of the space shall be borne solely by the Landlord.  

6)     “Clean Indoor Air”:  If the proposed premises are selected and a lease subsequently executed after completion of any renovations but prior to Tenant occupancy the Landlord shall have the interior space tested for, and provide State certified compliance with, the rules set forth by the “Department of Environmental Services” in Chapter Env-A 2200; as required by the “Clean Indoor Air Act” RSA 10-B.  

7)     State of New Hampshire Energy Code:  All proposals offering new construction and/or renovation that exceeds or adds 25 percent to the existing gross floor area must comply with the State of New Hampshire Energy Code.  Proposals which exceed the energy code by at least an additional 20 percent shall be shown favorable preference.

  • All proposals selected by the State as viable for “design development” (phase two of the RFP process) shall be required to provide a “life-cycle” analysis and commissioning report along with their proposed final “design/build” floor plan and specifications.  

8)     General Scope of Work: Upon completion of construction and/or renovation the premises shall be turned over to the Tenant in “turn key” condition; work provided shall include but not be limited to: site, utility, parking lots and access thereto, sidewalks to the building, and all exterior and interior fit up.  Provision of interior fit up will include but not be limited to provision of all walls, doors and frames, hardware, millwork, finishes, fixtures, HVAC systems, fire suppression systems; telecommunications, lighting and electrical systems.  Provide all electrical circuitry and outlets, and all telecommunications and data outlets.  Provision of empty conduit with pull string and low voltage power at designated doors to accommodate Tenant’s security systems will also be required.  

9)     Parking:  a minimum of one-hundred-seventeen (117) parking spaces for the Tenant’s use.  Provision of parking shall be without additional charge, included in the proposed annual rent.  It is preferred that these spaces be designated exclusively for the Tenant, if its proposed that they be shared in common with others their must be sufficient “overflow” parking beyond the required number of spaces to assure that spaces are available to the Tenant’s staff and clients at all times.   

a)    At least fifty-three (53) of the parking spaces shall be on-site, located adjacent to the proposed facility.  These spaces shall include provision of the proper number of “accessible” parking spaces and access aisles required for conformance with current prevailing codes.  Included in these spaces must be at least one (1) “van accessible” barrier-free parking space.   

b)    The remaining sixty-four (64) spaces are preferred “on site”, however, they may be located “off site” but may not be “on street” parking, and must be within eight hundred (800) feet of the Tenant’s staff entrance.  If these spaces are provided off site, they must be connected to the proposed Premises with an architecturally barrier-free (commonly known as “Handicap accessible”) path of travel.  

10) Interior Layout:  An outline of the Tenant’s requirements follows;  

11) Zones of Interior Space: The interior space shall be configured to provide two distinct and secure (from each other) zones: a “public/visitor” zone, and a “staff only” zone.  Corridors, circulation paths, and security doors shall be provided as required in order to accommodate these zones.  Each of these two zones shall be accessed from the exterior of the building by a separate entrance; these entrances and the circulation routes thereto shall be isolated from each other.  

12) Specialty Construction NoteS; certain interior walls:  

a)    All Conference rooms, Interview rooms, and rest rooms shall be provided with drywall construction walls extending from floor to deck above, such walls shall also be provided with sound attenuation insulation.  

b)    Walls and interior windows between the reception station and waiting area shall be required to conform to Tenant’s “Bullet Resistance” specification.  

c)    All private offices shall be provided with full enclosure floor to ceiling drywall construction and either solid core or hollow metal doors and frames.  

13) Rest rooms:  Rest Rooms: All rest rooms must conform to all provisions of the NH Barrier-Free Design Code.  Provide at least one set (one per gender) of multi-stall rest rooms for staff in the “staff only” zone of the space.  Provide one set of single occupant rest rooms in the “Public” zone of the space. 

a)    NOTE: Public Restrooms may be located in a common area of the building to which the proposed premises are a part - shared in common with others – however, such location must be within twenty feet of the Public Entrance to the space proposed for DHHS in order to be viable.  

14) Public Entry:  Provide a public/visitors exterior entrance area of approximately 185 square feet adjacent to the exterior public entrance.  

15) Waiting area: Provide a “secure” public waiting area of approximately 1,530 square feet adjacent to the Tenant’s public entrance.  Provide client access from the waiting area to the adjacent secure reception room by providing four bullet resistant transaction windows, three shall be a stationary window with recessed transaction plates and one shall be a sliding transaction window.   

16) Secure Receptionist Room: Accessible from and directly adjacent to the public waiting area provide a secure reception room accommodating at least four staff plus office equipment, measuring approximately 230 square feet.  Bullet resistant walls are required to fully sheath the reception area.  

17) Fair Hearing Room: All Purpose Room Accessible from and directly adjacent to the public waiting area provide a room accommodating fair hearings of approximately 250 square feet.   

18) Interview Rooms: Accessible from and directly adjacent to the public waiting area provide a minimum of sixteen (16) secure client interview rooms, approximately 107 square feet each.  Staff side access with hydraulic overhead door closer device and electric strike.  

a)     These rooms shall be accessed via separate/distinct client/staff corridors via separate/distinct doors (one located on either side of the rooms) by staff and the public.  

19) Client Conference room:  Accessible from both the “public” and secure “staff” zones provide a client training/conference room of at least approximately 675 square feet.   

20) Open Office Area:  

a)    Provide open office area – which shall be secure from client area - of approximately 10,000 square feet to accommodate tenant’s seventy-nine (79) modular furniture panel systems workstations, each measuring approximately 6’ x 8’ – the modular furniture panel system will be provided by and installed by Tenant.  Landlord shall be required to provide all electrical circuitry and junction boxes (ceiling and/or wall mounted) required for proper utilization of the furniture panel’s electrified raceway, and to provide data trays and J hooks for routing of telecommunications into open office area.  Landlord’s electrician to be responsible for the hard-wire hook-up of all workstations, including the securing and anchoring of all communications and electrical poles.

b)    Alternately, provision of a larger open office area of approximately 11,000 square feet can be provided if the proposed landlord wishes, any such alternate must also include Landlords’ construction of at least seventy-nine (79) individual drywall partition “cubicles” with walls of 65” high, and provision and installation of all electrical and data.  

21) Private Offices: Within the secure “staff only” zone, provide the following private offices:

At least nineteen (19) measuring approximately 9’x12’ each.  

22) Staff Conference Room: Within the secure “staff only” zone, provide a staff training/conference room measuring approximately 315 square feet.  

23) Data/Com Room: Within the secure “staff only” zone, provide a communications room of approximately 130 square feet conforming to the Tenant’s specifications, which include but are not limited to the following:  

a)    Basic requirements include provision of a secure (keyed lockset) room to be accessible from the “staff only” zone of the space, provide with an independent HVAC unit providing 12,000 BTU/HR cooling at a target temperate of 68 degrees. Provide four 20Amp Circuits, backer board, electrical and connectivity per Tenant’s specifications.  Room shall be constructed with full height drywall, acoustically isolating means and materials, and acoustical sound attenuation insulation within the walls.  Also, the floor for this space must be engineered to handle heavy dense loads.

  • favorable preference will be shown to proposals offering provision of UPS back up for this room; such back-up power to provide operability for at least one hour (detail to be provided in Phase II of the RFP process). 

24) Staff Lunchroom:  Within the secure “staff only” zone, provide a lunchroom of approximately 345 square feet, supplied with a kitchen counter of at least six (6) lineal feet with cabinets above and below with a stainless steel sink.  Provide electrical circuitry and outlets sufficient for the safe operation of at least two microwaves, and two full size refrigerators.   

25) Central File Room: Within the secure “staff only” zone, provide a large file room of approximately 475 square feet.   

26) Storage Room: Provide a secure (lock on door) room of at least 250 square feet for the Tenant’s storage needs.  

27) Maternal Care Room: Provide a room (with privacy lockset) of approximately 70 square feet.  

All Interested parties must submit a written “Letter of Interest” addressed to the person listed in the last paragraph below, the State’s standard “Letter of Interest” response form is available either upon request or on the State’s website at.  Alternately, interested parties may compose their own “Letter if Interest” which must include the following information:  

A statement that the submitting party wishes to offer a particular property for review in response to this request for proposal; a statement that the submitting party presently believes they would, if selected, be willing to accept the terms and conditions of the State’s standard lease agreement which they have reviewed in advance (available on-line at http://admin.state.nh.us/bpm/index2.asp or upon request in “hard copy”); provision of the business name, address, telephone number and e-mail address of the party submitting the “Letter of Interest”; a statement that the person submitting the “Letter or Interest” is legally authorized to do so; the street address of the property offered for consideration; the approximate square footage of the property; a brief description of the proposed parking accommodations that would be made available to provide compliance with the requirements listed herein, a brief description of the proposed property including the number of floors, and (if existing construction) whether utilities and other services related to occupancy of the building are currently operable, whether there is an operable elevator, whether the space is vacant, a listing of the current occupants of the building, disclosure regarding the current state of repair, and if the building is in need of renovation and/or new construction.  An appendix must accompany the “Letter of Interest” providing a map diagram of the proposed property with its location highlighted and depiction of surrounding/adjacent lots, notation regarding the uses of the property in the surrounding area, and the nature (type) of any businesses in the surrounding area.    

Public Disclosure: Any information submitted as part of a “letter of interest” or “proposal “ in response to this “Request For Proposal” (RFP) may be subject to public disclosure under RSA 91-A.  In addition, in accordance with RSA 9-F:1, any lease contract entered into as a result of this RFP will be made accessible to the public online via the State of New Hampshire website.  Accordingly, business financial information and proprietary information such as trade secrets, business and financial models and forecasts, and proprietary formulas may be exempt from public disclosure under RSA 91-A:5, IV; If you believe any information being submitted in response to this RFP should be kept confidential as financial or proprietary information, upon submittal of the “letter of interest” and any subsequent “proposal” specifically identify such information in a supplemental letter to the agency.  

Solicitation and review of all “letters of interest” is the first of two phases in the State’s “Request for Proposal” (RFP) process.  Phase one of the process will be completed no later than thirty (30) days after the closing date for letters of interest.  All sites offered will receive initial review, visitation, and evaluation of acceptability and potential to conform to the State’s requirements, any sites found to be unviable will be dismissed from the process.   

Phase Two of the “RFP” process will be design development of any viable offerings selected from Phase One “letters of interest”.  The State will provide proposed design/build plans and specifications showing their vision of how the proposed Landlord’s property could best be renovated or constructed to provide the Tenant’s program needs. The State’s design/build plans and specifications shall be submitted to each proposed Landlord for their use in establishing proposals; complete proposals shall be due to the State no later than the closing date (which shall be reasonable) specified by the State.   All proposals must document both the scope of fit-up (established during design development) to be provided, the offered schedule of rent which shall be inclusive of fit-up, and any other costs for the space.  Proposed Landlords will be responsible for either acceptance of the State’s proposed design/build plans and specifications as provided, or provision of their own proposed alternate plan(s) and specifications, which shall be composed and provided at their sole expense.  In the event of proposing alternate plans and specifications, the proposed Landlord must submit accurately scaled floor plans and design-build specifications conveyed to the State in both “hard copy” and digital (“pdf” and “dwg”) formats. 

Both Phases of the RFP process shall be undertaken at the proposed Landlord’s sole expense with no guarantee of a resulting binding lease agreement, no reimbursement for expenses incurred shall be made by the State. Upon submittal, all proposals will be reviewed and judged upon the criteria of location, conformance with the State’s specifications, proposed cost, cost of relocation, and the proposed time frame for completion of renovations or new construction.   

All Letters of Interest (which must include the information specified above) are to be addressed and delivered to: Department of Administrative Services, Bureau of Facilities and Assets Management, Leon Smith, Administrator, 129 Pleasant Street, Concord, NH 03301, phone: (603) 271-9502 or emailed to: LJSmith@dhhs.state.nh.us.  Any and all Letters of Interest regarding this request must be received by 2:00 p.m. on Friday, October 17, 2014.  The State of New Hampshire reserves the right to accept or reject any or all letters of interest and/or proposals.


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