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The Bureau of Planning and Management supports all Executive Branch state agencies by providing interior space planning services and administrating and managing operating lease and rental processes.  The information and links on this page provide an overview of the State of New Hampshire operating lease process, current Executive Branch lease inventory, listing of current "Request For Proposals" (RFP's) for operating space, and an overview of how to offer a leased space by submitting a "letter of interest".  Please see (scroll down to) the list at the bottom of this page for all current Operating Lease "Requests for Proposals" (RFP) posted by State agencies, click on each posting "hyperlink" to link to detailed specifications.   

Operating Lease Procedures and Information: 

  • Process: Reference Department of Administrative Services, Division of Plant and Property Management rules part Adm. 610.01-610.26 "Agency Leases" for governing laws and processes applicable to all non-exempt executive branch operating leases and rental agreements. View Adm 610 rules:   Admin Rules Agency Leases. 
  • Lease Request for Proposal (RFP) Phase I: Proposed landlords' submittal of "Letter of Interest": Parties interested in participating in the RFP process must provide a "letter of interest" in response to the lease/rental space RFP, reference the text of each RFP for agency contact information and specified closing date and time.  Each RFP provides an outline of the  minimum specifications required for the desired space, review these specifications and the State's Standard Lease Agreement carefully prior to submitting an offer. Either complete and submit a "letter of interest" on the form provided or compose and submit your own letter providing the same information requested in the form.  View/download the form at:    Letter of Interest Form
  • Request For Proposal (RFP) inquiries or questions: contact the requesting agency's designated spokesperson listed in the closing/last paragraph of each RFP
  • Standard Lease Agreement:   The State of New Hampshire requires all non-exempt Executive Branch agencies to utilize the State's Standard Lease Agreement; entities which are exempt from this requirement include but are not limited to the State Liquor Stores, Administrative Office of Courts, Legislative Services and the University System.  View/download the current version (2013) of the lease at:  State of NH Standard Lease Agreement 
  • Listing of Current Leases: Current listing (updated monthly) of State of New Hampshire Executive Branch leases and rental agreements for which the Bureau of Planning and Management has oversight. Some State entities are permitted to lease property independent of Planning and Management's oversight, such leases are not listed and the entity responsible for their promulgation must be contacted directly for lease information. Entities which may have such leased locations include but are not limited to the State Liquor Stores, Administrative Office of Courts, Legislative Services and the University System.  View/download the Bureau's current lease list at: Bureau of Planning and Management Lease List

Interior space planning standards for use by State of New Hampshire agencies: An overview of the State's standards is provided at:   "Interior Space Planning Standards" 

Please contact Bureau of Planning and Management for additional information. 

State of NH "Requests for Proposal" (RFP) for leased/rental space: click on each listing for an outline of minimal specifications:

Department of Health and Human Services: office space wanted to lease in Concord NH

 Contact Planning & Management.

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