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The purpose of the State of New Hampshire Telephone/Email Directory

Search page is to allow immediate access to agencies and personnel working for the State of New Hampshire.

Within this page you can search by Department, search for a state employee, a current Topical listing, or view a Departmental listing. If you would like to learn more about the Phone/Email Directory, please review the Phone/Email Directory FAQs.

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View State Employee Listings By Department

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Search For A Specific State Employee by Name

Enter a first and / or last name. You may enter partial names (Example: "Jon" for Jones). Then select a department to search by (if you do not choose a department, ALL DEPARTMENTS will be searched).

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Search For A Specific Topic, Department or Office

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View Departmental Listings

The Departmental Listing contains a listing of departments with addresses and main telephone numbers. Select a department to view the listings for that department.

You may obtain a copy of the printed directory by contacting the State House Visitor's Center at the following address:

State House Visitor's Center
107 North Main Street, Room 119
Concord, NH 03301-4951
Telephone Number 603-271-2154

The cost of a single directory is $10.20 ($7.50 for the directory, plus $2.70 shipping).

The cost of multiple copy orders is different for each order because of the variable cost for shipping, so please call or write to obtain the exact cost of your desired quantity before ordering.

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