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State Employee Suggestion and Extraordinary Service Award Program

In 2005, the New Hampshire Legislature enacted law (RSA 99-E) that established the Employee Suggestion and Extraordinary Service Award (SESA) to recognize state employees who perform a service in their jobs that goes above and beyond the call of duty or who make suggestions that raise revenue or save costs (excluding suggestions to initiate a new tax or raise an existing tax).

SESA can be a monetary award or non-monetary recognition. The New Hampshire Legislature established a $10,000 fund in the Governorís Office for SESA awards. Each year, the total of awards granted from October 1 to September 30 cannot exceed $10,000.

Who is eligible?

Any classified state employee(s) may be nominated for a SESA. An employee may also submit a suggestion or nominate himself/herself. RSA 99-E:5,IV lists under what circumstances a person is not eligible to receive an award/recognition for their suggestion. For example, the suggestion was under consideration by the state prior to its submission.
What is the application process?

1. To nominate an employee for a SESA, one must complete the suggestion/nomination form.

2. The SESA suggestion/nomination form must be completed and submitted, either electronically or hard copy, to the departmental award evaluation committee (DAEC) in the department in which the nominee or person making the suggestion is employed.
What is the judging process?

As required by RSA 99-E , each state department must establish a Departmental Award Evaluation Committee (DAEC) comprised of three employees appointed by the departmentís Commissioner. Each DAEC member serves for two years and, while a member, cannot receive a SESA nor nominate anyone for a SESA.

The DAEC must act upon a suggestion/nomination within 60 days of receipt. If DAECís final determination is that an award or recognition is recommended, it will move the suggestion/nomination on to the State Suggestion and Extraordinary Award Committee, along with a determination on the nature or amount of the monetary award or non-monetary recognition with the completion of the Departmental Award Evaluation Committee Recommendation Form.

The law provides guidelines on the amount of monetary awards.(RSA 99-E:7). An employee may make a submission directly to the State Suggestion and Extraordinary Service Award Evaluation Committee if there exists good cause for not submitting to a Departmental Committee. See RSA 99-E :4,XI.
Within 60 days of receiving DAECís recommendations, the State Committee will act upon the suggestion/nomination and determine if it will move the suggestion/nomination on to the Governor and Executive Council, who will make the final determination of employees to be recognized or given a monetary award.

If you have any questions on the award or suggestion/nomination process, please contact a member of your SESA's Departmental Committee Members (DAEC).
Meet our past winners:

Please note that whether or not to recommend a particular matter for award is solely within the discretion of the Committee. There exists no right or entitlement to the issuance of any award or recognition. See RSA 99-E:9.

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