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Risk Management

The Risk Management Unit was established pursuant to RSA 21:I 7-c and provides services solely to state agencies and state employees and retirees.

Policy Statement

This policy statement applies to all risks and employee benefits for which the Risk Management Unit (RMU) is responsible.

  1. With respect to the risk of accidental loss, the Unit policy is to support state agencies in an effort to:
    1. Protect the assets of the State against any loss which might significantly affect state operations;
    2. Take every practical measure to eliminate or prevent injury to employees and to prevent and minimize losses to state property; and
    3. Achieve these results in an effective and efficient manner.
  2. With respect to the employee and retiree health benefits, the Unit policy is to:
    1. Collaborate with the Division of Personnel in ensuring the prompt and competent provision of health benefits coverage to all eligible state employees and retirees and their eligible dependents, and
    2. Manage the internal service fund, which supports the health benefits program, in a fiscally sound and administratively efficient manner. 

Additional Information

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  • Contact Information

    State House Annex - Room 412
    25 Capitol Street
    Concord, NH  03301

    603-271-3180 (office)    603-271-7049 (fax)

    Catherine A. Keane
    Director of Risk & Benefits

    Jason Dexter
    Risk Manager

    Alan Sylvester
    Loss Control

    Diane Caldon
    Program Assistant

    Michael O’Mahony
    Manager, Privacy and Administration

    Benefits Manager

    Courtney Gray
    Manager, Health Program Policy

    Sarah Trask
    Senior Financial Analyst

    Joyce Pitman
    Vendor Contract Manager

    Michael Loomis
    Wellness Program Specialist

    Robin Berube
    Accounting and Finance Analyst

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